We call families to make sure they know about how to use their doctor’s office for well-child and sick child care. We work to help families schedule and keep their doctor appointments, to know when to go to the doctor’s office versus the emergency departments, and to meet other needs that may be getting in the way of getting good healthcare.


Asthma is the most common chronic condition amongst children and it can be confusing about how to help your child live with asthma. Going to the emergency department regularly, missing work or school because of asthma should not be a way of life. Instead, your child should be able to do all the same things other kids without asthma do. Our asthma education program works with you and your doctor to keep asthma under control and we come to you in your home on your schedule to make this happen.

This is an 8 week program for overweight children ages 5-16. When it comes to weight, kids have growth on their side! But they need help from their family. This program invites all members of the family to learn about healthy foods, different kinds of physical activity, and how to practice habits that will help children get on and stay on the Fit Kid path!


Hearing is so important to a baby’s development and knowing as soon as possible if there is a hearing loss will help that baby stay developing on a typical path. Our early hearing program works with families where hearing loss is a concern and gets those babies tested and into services if necessary.