We have been reaching out to families to ask about stress, food availability, education and learning at home, and other needs our families might have. Based upon our conversations with families, we are offering the following: exercise and wellness resources, mental health resources, information on food distribution and volunteer delivery, learning resources, and other available resources in their communities.


We will be offering an online parenting class based on James Windell’s book “8 Weeks to a Well-Behaved Child”. We will shorten the class to 4 weeks by offering 2 sessions each week. This class will include homework assignments and exercises that teach positive parenting skills. If you wish to join this class, please fill out our interest form listed below.

We know that many families are feeling isolated and are in need of support during this time. We will continue to work on creating group interactive experiences through FaceBook Live or Zoom to address ways of reducing stress, avoiding overeating, and making healthy nutrition choices during a time of stress.

Our asthma educators are providing virtual home visits to continue to provide asthma home education. We plan to stay connected as best we can until the COVID-19 crisis is over.

Stay safe, stay healthy!