KHC committed to improving the health of the children in Detroit and Southeast Michigan through helping parents..


KHC has a multi-disciplinary team who work with doctors who refer families for a variety of reasons including helping families understand..


Both parents and doctors want children to be healthy so they can be healthy adults. But there are many barriers..


Kids’ Health Connections (KHC) (formerly Wayne Children’s Healthcare Access Program (WCHAP)) is a not-for-profit organization located in downtown Detroit, Michigan. At KHC, we have a culturally diverse staff who work with primary care physicians, health plans, parents, and other community agencies. Our diverse staff works harmoniously in a collective effort to improve the healthcare outcomes of ALL children throughout the City of Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

KHC has evolved from a small start up to the point of having programming that can bend the curve for the children of our community. Through our face-to-face work with primary care practices, health plans, families, and community partners we are bridging gaps and identifying viable health care solutions.

Some Of The Success Stories

Families Getting in Shape With Fit Kids 360

Fit Kids 360 is an 8-week family based lifestyle program that teaches kids and families to eat better and move more. Kids and families learn about healthy eating and exercise through interactive lessons, games, Zumba, karate, yoga,and other fun activities.


COVID-19 Response Fund Partner Profile: Kids’ Health Connections

As a worldwide coronavirus pandemic continues, so do the important services provided by Kids’ Health Connections (KHC). 

KHC (formerly Wayne Children’s Healthcare Access Program, or WCHAP), provides asthma home education services and support for children’s doctor visits. They also offer FitKids360, a childhood obesity program, and they connect families with community resources. 

Detroit Public TV Speaks with Krista Siddall

Detroit Public TV speaks with Krista Siddall, Director of Programming and Operations for Wayne Children’s Healthcare Access Program on sweets. Food like juice and cookies need to be thought of as what they are, a treat. Otherwise, what may seem like a harmless snack can end up having long-term consequences. As children grow, caretakers have to be their safety gate. #UseCaution and give them the time to play, dream and just be a kid.

KHC 2019 Annual Report

At KHC, we have a culturally diverse staff that works with primary care physicians, health plans, parents, and community agencies in a collective effort to improve the health of Children throughout Detroit and Wayne county. Click the link above to learn more from our 2019 Annual Report.