Wayne Children’s Healthcare Access Program, WCHAP

A Private-Public Community Health Collaborative

*  Increasing Access and Quality
*  Improving Child Health and Wellness
*  Reducing Costs
*  Advancing Systems Change for Medicaid-enrolled Children and Families

Funded By The Kresge Foundation and
W. K. Kellogg Foundation

Pilot Services

Child & Family Services

Technical Assistance, Innovation and Incentives to Pediatric Practices

Stakeholder engagement

Primary Care Champions
* Children’s Hospital of Michigan
* Covenant Community Care
* Detroit Community Health Connection
* Detroit Riverview Pediatrics
* Henry Ford School Based Health Centers
* Newton Health Center at Clara W. Rutherford Academy
* Western Wayne Family Health Center
Strategic Partners
* American Academy of Pediatrics – Michigan Chapter
* Early Childhood Investment Corporation
* Great Start Collaborative Wayne
* Michigan Department of Community Health
* Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Authority
A Children’s Medical Home is a place where:
* a team of professionals works in partnership with your family to ensure the needs of your child/family are met.
* Your family can trust and build strong relationships with.
* Your family’s culture and traditions are respected.
* Your care team follows up with other healthcare providers your child sees.
* You can get to reasonably easily.
Let’s Connect!

Advancing Family Centered Medical Home, Exploring our Collective Impact


This September 27th event will engage families, practices/partners, and systems to discover collective ways to improve local birth outcomes and create a coherent path for assuring health and wellness in the critical first years of life.  Targeting other W.K. Kellogg Foundation grantees, Let’s Connect! will identify ways to develop and test best practices, share common messaging and advocacy strategies, and to create a new fiscal incentives fund to make family centered medical homes the norm.  A specific focus will be on strengthening coordination and transitions between obstetricians/gynecologists, neonatal intensive care units, pediatrics, school-based health clinics, public health, and community programs.